Harpreet Sandhu Sitting Portrait

Harpreet has strong ties to her community on the North Shore where she lives and works. Her main focus is in real estate, corporate, commercial and business law. She also assists her clients with matters concerning wills, estates and succession planning.

Prior to embarking on her legal career, Harpreet travelled extensively, having visited over 30 countries. Her keen interest in travel and fashion led her to attend law school in the United Kingdom, where she obtained her Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) with honours, at the City Law School. Some notable alumni from The City Law School include Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (leader of the Indian Independence Movement), Muhammad Ali Jinnah (first Governor General and founder of Pakistan), four British Prime Ministers – Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Clement Attlee and H. H. Asquith, and Nana Akufor-Addo (current President of Ghana).

Before beginning her ventures with Themis Law, Harpreet dedicated her time with philanthropic work. She volunteered with Access Pro Bono for the Mental Health Law Program- giving patients who are admitted to a mental health facility without consent a voice. She worked as a legal advocate at the Community Legal Advocacy Centre which gave her the opportunity to assist vulnerable individuals with their legal problems. She worked with community organizations to tackle fundamental detriments faced by the most marginalized people in society. Harpreet is very passionate about giving back to her community and currently is a volunteer lawyer at multiple non-profit organizations.

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